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Clean air for personal vehicles.

Ideal for professional use, in cars, vans,trucks and machinery. Located inside the cabin, it allows you to
enjoy pure air in continuous recirculation in seconds, with multiple installation possibilities. It has a 12V DC power supply with a plugin connector.

In AUTO mode, the purifi er automatically selects the speed to achieve optimal air quality. It also has MANUAL mode.

How the device works

1. Phase

G4 (EN779 / ISO 16890)

G4 fi lter that retains coarse particles. Its mission is to optimize the performance of the absolute fi lters of the 3rd fi ltration phase and keep the equipment in the best conditions to achieve greater durability of the entire system.

2. Phase


Second stage of treatment composed of a formulation based on activated carbon and specially designed additives, which traps and breaks down harmful molecules.Specially formulated to eliminate gases derived from combustion and NOX SOX and derived from the road environment. (O3 100% removed) and VOCs generated indoors.

3. Phase

Filter MERV7 (G4). U15 (EN 1822).

Absolute particle retention fi lter using a ULPA filter - U15 (EN 1822). Filter used in operating rooms.
The fi lters are individually certified, with an efficiency of 99.999% capturing particles between 0.1 and 0.3 PM, that is, ultra fine. Eg black carbon.

This combination makes the fi lter more than 99% effi cient in extreme environments:

Temperature from -20ºC to 50ºC and Humidity 95%

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Do you know what is in the air you breathe? What effect do pollutingparticles in the air and gases have on your body? Make sure of the quality ofyour air and arrange a measurement date before you buy any air purifier.


Nanofiber technology in Pure Airbox cleaners

Nanofiber technology in Pure Airbox cleaners

ZONAIR3D has become the first company in the world to implement the unique technology developed by SNRC to combat Covid-19 in its indoor air purification products. This is an exclusive material that is composed of virucidal nano fibers that contain and deactivate the spread of the virus.

Invisible threat, polluted air

Invisible threat, polluted air

Air pollution has a serious impact on health. No safe amount of impurities can be inhaled in polluted air. People all over Slovakia live in polluted areas. Some areas are more polluted, others less polluted.

Slovakia has significantly reduced air quality

Slovakia has significantly reduced air quality

Slovakia is facing a lawsuit for poor air protection. The high levels of PM10 particles exceed Banskobystrický and Košický districts in particular. The annual limit value for the protection of human health is 40 micrograms per m3 of PM10.